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Car accidents can happen at any time. After being involved in a collision, it becomes important for injured victims to understand their legal rights, the steps they should be taking, and how working with a proven Louisville car accident attorney can make the difference in their ability to recover the financial compensation they deserve.

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At the Justice Injury Law, our caring and compassionate Louisville car accident attorneys have your best interests at heart. After a preventable wreck and injury, you can be confident about placing your trust in our experience. If you decide to take legal action after a car wreck, our Louisville car accident attorneys are here to help. We have the knowledge, resources and experience to help you navigate the personal injury claim process, protect your rights, and pursue the financial recovery to which you are entitled.

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Is Kentucky a No Fault State?

Yes; as a no-fault state, Kentucky drivers must carry no-fault auto insurance which should cover medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses that arise out of a car accident, regardless of who is at fault. No-fault insurance is also known as personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, so be aware that this portion of your auto insurance will not cover car damage. Property damage, collision, and comprehensive coverage typically will cover car repair costs.

What Are Your Rights as a Car Accident Victim?

Car accident claims are centered on proving that another’s negligence caused an accident and preventable injuries. When it comes to the personal injury claim process, car wreck victims will need to explore the underlying cause of their accidents in order to hold the appropriate at-fault party liable for their damages. These parties often include drivers who act negligently (drive drunk, drive distracted, violate traffic laws, etc.), as well as trucking companies that commit safety violations, bus operators that employ unfit drivers, and product manufacturers that make defective auto parts, among others.

How Much Can You Get From a Car Accident Settlement?

Depending on the unique facts of your case, our team can help you pursue a recovery of your damages from the appropriate party by establishing the essential legal elements of a personal injury claim. This involves proving:
  • The existence of a legal duty – Victims must demonstrate that a legal duty existed between themselves and the party whom they allege is to be held liable for their damages. For example, every motorist on the road has a legal duty to safely operate their vehicle, and an obligation to take reasonable steps in reducing risks faced by others on the road.
  • A breach of duty – A breach of duty typically involves negligence. For example, a motorist who drives distracted commits an act of negligence that explicitly shows a failure to uphold their duty to safely operate a vehicle. This is because any driver knows that choosing distractions over the primary task of driving is inherently unsafe and that it puts others in harm’s way.
  • Causation – Victims must further prove that the other party’s act of negligence (or breach of duty) more likely than not caused their accident and injuries. This can be demonstrated through a presentation of the facts, including evidence that injuries could and should have been prevented had a driver not committed their act of negligence (such as driving distracted, driving drunk, or violating a traffic law).
  • Damages – In order for car accident claims to have merit, victims must have suffered actual damages. These damages can include the economic and non-economic losses associated with their injuries, including medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering, among others.
It is important to understand that while victims have the right to recover damages, compensation is never guaranteed. This is due not only to the fact that negligence, fault, and liability must be clearly established but also because insurance companies who represent at-fault drivers care more about profits than they do people. This is why they often leverage resources to dispute or deny claims, or pay victims as little as they possibly can. By working with one of our Louisville car accident lawyers, however, you can level the playing field with these corporations, and position yourself in the best possible way for success.

What Are the Common Causes of Car Accidents?

Car accidents can occur in a number of ways, many of which involve driver negligence and error.

Common causes of car accidents are:

Although all causes of car accidents are concerns to be addressed, our roadways have seen increasing devastation resulting from driver distraction. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has referred to distracted driving as a nationwide epidemic because it causes thousands of injuries and deaths each year, all of which could have been prevented had a motorist made the task of driving their primary focus.

Today, texting and using a cell phone behind the wheel is considered the most alarming form of distraction. In Kentucky, state law prohibits all drivers from texting behind the wheel.

Injured victims have every right to seek a recovery of their damages from the at-fault party by proving their negligence in a personal injury claim.

No innocent victim should be forced to bear the financial and emotional burden of having to pay for their medical care, which is why our firm is passionate about holding negligent parties accountable for their failures to keep others safe from preventable harm.

What Constitutes Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving is often a general term used to describe a range of risky driving behaviors that exhibit a motorists’ clear disregard for the safety of others. Reckless driving happens when a motorist engages in many of the causes of car accidents mentioned previously. While reckless driving may result in criminal or traffic citations, it is important to remember that criminal proceedings will not provide victims with the opportunity to recover full and fair compensation for their damages. Criminal cases are handled separately from personal injury cases, which are handled by civil courts. This means victims injured in wrecks caused by a reckless driver will need to file a claim or lawsuit, whether or not the reckless driver is ever convicted. If you have been involved in a car accident in Louisville, Jefferson County, or any of the surrounding areas of Kentucky, our Louisville car accident lawyer at the Justice Law Office is readily available to help you take the steps toward a positive resolution. Victims who reach out to our firm are treated as people, not numbers, and they receive genuine support and step-by-step guidance through every aspect of their case, including their medical treatment.

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Our Louisville Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

At Justice Injury Law, our car accident attorneys in Louisville are prepared to help you take the steps needed to position yourself for a successful claim.

This process includes communicating with insurance companies, conducting independent investigations to determine the underlying cause, seeking a fair settlement, or working with experts to prepare for trial. A Louisville car accident attorney from our firm is prepared to go the distance for your case.

Backed by extensive experience, our legal team has the ability to handle a range of auto accident cases, including those involving:

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Had I not had Scott working for me, I would have only been awarded pennies on the dollar of what is rightfully mine.


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