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Eyesight or Hearing Damage

Eyesight or Hearing Damage

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Eyesight and hearing damage from workplace conditions is, sadly, a common occurrence. Employers have a responsibility to provide a reasonably safe working environment for employees. Justice Injury Law represents clients who have suffered partial or full blindness or hearing loss at work. If your employer failed to follow proper safety protocols and you suffered an eyesight or hearing problem as a result, our Louisville workers’ compensation attorney can tenaciously fight on your behalf. We have extensive experience and can use our knowledge of the legal system to help you pursue the settlement you deserve. Call our firm today at 502-584-5455 . We offer free consultations to all prospective clients.

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Work-Related Hearing Injuries

Hearing loss can be sudden or gradual. You may be exposed to a high-decibel noise that ruptures your eardrum, or you may suffer hearing loss from a consistent exposure to loud sounds. By law, employers must abide by safety guidelines to decrease the risk of a hearing injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 23,000 hearing loss incidents caused by working conditions are reported each year in the United States. These include the loss of the outer ear, ruptured eardrums, and deafness.

Hearing loss may be caused by:

  • Loud machinery
  • Construction site sounds
  • Loud ambient noise
  • Power tools and sudden explosions
  • Other high-decibel sounds

Whether your hearing loss is temporary or permanent, it is important to seek a financial settlement through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Our firm has guided numerous clients through the Kentucky legal system. We can investigate the cause of your hearing injury and help you pursue compensation.

Safety guidelines regulate that employers should control the noise level in a working environment. This can help avoid situations where employees suffer partial or permanent deafness due to persistent exposure to loud noises. Construction workers, welders, and those who work in manufacturing plants are the most susceptible to hearing loss. Thus, employers must provide ear protection and take other reasonable precautions to protect workers.

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Losing your eyesight or hearing is a scary experience. Especially if the damage is severe, you may have to undergo expensive medical procedures like surgery to try to fix the problem. However, sometimes vision loss and hearing damage is permanent.

That is why we help injured clients pursue a financial settlement. Depending on the situation, you may be entitled to compensation for present and future lost wages, medical expenses, and permanent or partial disability. If you have suffered hearing loss or eyesight damage, our compassionate Louisville workers’ compensation attorney can build your case, gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and represent your case. We can stand by your side and walk you through the process.

Work-Related Eyesight Injuries

Blindness or the loss of an eye is a serious injury. In fact, traumatic eyesight damage is categorized as a catastrophic work injury. These injuries can be caused by sudden incidents or by gradual exposure to harmful lights, smoke, welding sparks, or toxic fumes from chemicals. Employees who suffer eye injuries at work are entitled to compensation through their workers’ compensation insurance.

Sudden eyesight damage may result from:

  • Flying or falling debris
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Swinging objects that come into contact with the victim’s eye
  • Exposure to objects in the air, such as dust or metal particles

It is important to seek medical attention immediately after an accident. Furthermore, you should tell your boss about your injury right away, take pictures of the scene, get the contact information of witnesses, and request a copy of your medical records. Eye injuries can cause temporary, partial vision loss, or they can be permanent. Thus, pursuing compensation is important to provide much-needed financial assistance while you receive treatment and take time off work.

Compensation is typically available for victims of complete blindness, partial blindness, and blurred vision. Workers who become legally blind may also pursue a settlement. The term legally blind means the patient’s eyes are useless for all practical purposes, though they may still allow some vision. Whatever your case, our Louisville workers’ compensation lawyer can provide compassionate and knowledgeable legal assistance throughout the process.

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Justice Law Office allowed me to be able to concentrate on my injuries and not have to deal with the legal stress. Thanks again Mr. Justice and the Justice Law Office.

Justice Law Office allowed me to be able to concentrate on my injuries and not have to deal with the legal stress. Thanks again Mr. Justice and the Justice Law Office.


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