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Amputation is one of the most severe injuries a worker can suffer. Coping with the physical, emotional and financial aftermath of such an injury can be overwhelming. At Justice Injury Law, our Louisville amputation attorneys are dedicated to helping workers who have suffered catastrophic injuries. We understand the challenges you are facing, and we are here to help you fight for the full, fair recovery you deserve.

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Common causes of amputation injuries

Amputation injuries can result from a variety of accidents, and in many cases, they are entirely preventable. Common causes of amputation injuries may include:

  • Workplace Accidents: Industrial machinery, equipment malfunctions, and unsafe working conditions can lead to severe injuries, including amputations.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: High-impact collisions on the road can cause catastrophic injuries, including traumatic amputations.
  • Medical Malpractice: Surgical errors, misdiagnosis, and other forms of medical negligence can result in the need for amputation.
  • Defective Products: If a faulty product or equipment malfunctions, resulting in an amputation, the manufacturer or distributor may be held liable.
  • Construction Accidents: Construction sites are rife with potential hazards that can lead to devastating accidents, including those resulting in amputations.

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What is the Statute of Limitations for an Amputation Claim in Kentucky?

It is crucial to act promptly when pursuing an amputation claim. In Kentucky, there is a specific time limit, known as the statute of limitations, within which legal action must be initiated. The statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits, including amputation cases, is typically one year from the date of the injury.

However, exceptions may apply, and certain circumstances could extend or shorten the time frame. Delaying legal action could jeopardize your capability to pursue compensation. Therefore, it is imperative to consult with our team as soon as possible to ensure your rights are safeguarded and to initiate the legal process within the required time frame.

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If you or a loved one has suffered an amputation due to someone else’s negligence, the Justice Law Office is here to help. Our Louisville amputation lawyer has the expertise and dedication needed to guide you through the legal process and pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us begin fighting for your rights and a brighter future.

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What Damages Could Be Recovered in an Amputation Claim?

An amputation can have a profound impact on various aspects of your life. Depending on the specifics of your case, potential damages may include:

  • Medical Expenses: Compensation for present and future medical expenses, including surgeries, rehabilitation, prosthetics, and ongoing medical care.
  • Lost Wages: Recovery for the income you have lost because of the amputation, including future earning capacity if your ability to work has been significantly impaired.
  • Pain and Suffering: Compensation for the physical and emotional pain caused by the amputation and its aftermath.
  • Disability and Disfigurement: Damages for any endless disability or disfigurement resulting from the amputation.
  • Rehabilitation Costs: Coverage for the expenses associated with rehabilitation and therapy to regain functionality and adapt to life after the amputation.

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