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5 Simple Steps That Employers Can Take To Promote A Safe Workplace

The safe and health of workers is essential to any business or work environment. Employers have both a legal and ethical obligation to take the necessary steps to keep their workers safe from potential on-the-job hazards that lurk in expected and unexpected places.

Depending on the industry, various safety elements must be incorporated into a workplace. For any industry or job, however, it all boils down to some careful planning and supporting a company culture where safety is always at the top of mind.


The root of many work accidents begins not at the scene of the incident but the events leading up to it. Comprehensive training is crucial to preventing work accidents in the first plan. This includes proper screening and testing (for certain jobs) to ensure that safety procedures and directions are understood by all employees.

Additionally, employers should be provided with the right tools and equipment needed to perform their jobs properly. Such equipment should be regularly cleaned, serviced, and inspected for potential defects or malfunctions.


It’s important for employers to stop and think about how often they convey the importance of work safety to their workers—is it weekly, monthly, or annually? Is it ever talked about? Ideally, it should be included in regular conversations and encourage workers to report potential hazards.

Additionally, employers should make sure that their workers feel comfortable asking questions. Many work accidents occur simply because someone didn’t know how to perform a task properly but, for whatever reason, decided not to get a solid answer from a direct supervisor. Opening that line of communication can allow workers to solve problems and get answers.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) specifically outlines the workplace safety laws and regulations that employers must comply with. In general, these protocols have to do with an employer’s responsibility of providing a safe environment for workers, some of which include:

  • Regularly examining work conditions
  • Making sure employees have the right rolls
  • Establishing and updating safety procedures, as well as communicating these to workers
  • Providing medical exams and training
  • Posting the OSHA poster at a prominent location
  • Using color codes and labels to warn employees of potential dangers


Employers should draw attention to any hazards present in the workplace. The use of both written and visual signs are an essential way to prevent accidents in the workplace. While the types of signage needed will depend on the job, they should all detail proper procedures for maintaining safety. These will serve as a tool for even the most experienced workers, as well as guests or visitors who are on the property.


Work conditions can change rapidly, and regular safety inspections are an important part of a comprehensive safety and health plan. Employers should monitor and maintain the physical conditions of the workplace as well as the proper function of equipment or tools used by workers. Doing so can also make sure employees are working in a stress-free environment.


Keep in mind that workers’ compensation in Kentucky is a no-fault system. This means that your employer can take all the precautions necessary to keep you and others safe, but if you are injured in because of your own fault, mistake, or misstep, you are still eligible to receive workers’ comp benefits to cover your medical expenses and lost wages.

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